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I never thought my next post would focus on a rose, but of all the exciting things that have happened in the last fortnight, this is the most surprising. Quite out of season – in other words super early – several buds I had not even noticed opened on the seedling rose outside the guest room.

Sequoia Rose

I’ve searched back through my writings on this particular rose which was selected rather randomly from amongst the seed and cutting-grown roses in my nursery to replace a deceased standard. At that stage the young rose merely had the right colour bloom, and did not show any particular promise or distinctive habit. But it soon proved worth mentioning. You’ll be wading through a lot of rose-talk to find it in this post but it is described in detail here.

Now, after watching it over two years, noting its disease resistance, its fondness for flowering, its willingness to grow long willowy shoots and finally its early start, I’ve decided it deserves a name. If I have ‘Cascade’ and ’Mothertjie’, and not forgetting ‘Stef’ and ‘Stephan’ as well as a clutch of other unnamed and largely unremarkable roses, then this must need a moniker. I hereby christen you THE SEQUOIA ROSE. May your cuttings, which took so willingly, prosper and please me in places I do not yet know; may they also go out and please other people and spread the memory of the one bright shining hour of my private Camelot.

And as all my other pics and stories really are quite separate, and it is bedtime – let me post this. The rest can wait.