For once I set off in decent time and with my full kit to photograph the arboretum. Not bad – but it made me realise how good – and quick – the S4 is!

Park Lane panorama s

Park Lane is the motor road that runs up through the arboretum. It must be near 5 years to the day since we took my mother on her last drive through the garden in my brother’s vehicle, and when were helping her to get out afterwards, she said “Now I’ve seen enough beauty to last me till the end.”

appleblossom azaleas

rich pink azaleaPale mauve azalea

It is where depth of field is important that the Canon on its tripod comes into its own -especially if the wind is right down, which it wasn’t always yesterday.

azaleas, maples, camelliasazalea path

Iron Crown from Arboretum with azalea

From up near the top of the arboretum we have an unobstructed view of the Iron Crown, the highest mountain in Limpopo Province, where the Skeerpoort Mountains and the Drakesburg meet.

Iron Crown from Arboretum

Also up here you will find a number of the scented deciduous azaleas in shades of yellow and orange.

yellow on red

yellow azalea

And planted nearby, although it takes some contorting to get the yellows, oranges and coppers into the same frame, are my father’s pride: several copper beeches!

Copper beech -deep focus

Copper beechpink and red azaleas

Heading home now, we look down on the bottom end of The Avenue, at its peak at the moment. (Do you see why I say the Spring Fair comes two weeks to early for Sequoia Gardens?)

Bottom of The avenueKerria and azalea

I used to argue with my dad about the jarring yellow kerria amongst the azaleas – although to be fair in the early days it was a bright pink that it stood out against most strongly. These days this red and yellow exclamation is one of my favourite surprises in the garden.

Kerria and azalea 2

In fact, here I want to brag by quoting a recent message from a visitor to Sequoia Gardens, and sent to my facebook page at /sequoiastay : Hi, was a visitor to your garden on Sunday, and wow what a surprise, came to see cheerio gardens for the spring festival and was left dissapointed as to the fact that your garderns outshone Cheerio gardens. Well done, im a landscaper and can see your vision and outcomes in the garden, very much reminds me of chatsworth garderns in England.My favourite spot was the Azalea maze on the mountain side was like walking and around every corner was another surprise and vista. Will definetly be coming to stay over in your cottages!   

Thank you, Thomas! Although your messages was sent on 22 September, it still makes my heart sing, and I wish you could walk around the garden now! And so, with my heart asinging, I head home, from where the summery side-lighting of the trees show that the oaks too are beginning to green up.

Young leaves

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