last sun 2I start, for once, at the beginning: this is the shot I took as I left on this afternoon’s walk, and you can see how long the shadows are. Had I set off an hour earlier, the photos that follow would have been infinitely better. Thus my heading…

Pale yellow irises

Though I am rather proud of my iris shots – a delicate yellow flag above, and Iris sibirica below.

iris sibirica

And then I hit the azaleas, in full splendour now: I must come out with my camera tomorrow morning!

cheerful azaleaazaleas behind the cheerful ones

The massed azaleas of The Avenue – my father’s pride and joy – are looking spectacular. In my previous post of 5 years’ photos, you can see him behind these front azaleas in one of the shots.

The Avenue

The Avenue 2

I do something for the first time here – I use the panning function on my amazing S4 phone to take panoramas of the azaleas – the next one through 180 degrees.

The Avenue panorama 180

And even some as close-up panoramas

pink azalea

I remember a tunnel of azaleas 40 years ago on the neighbours’ farm. Now we have our own – several of them… 🙂

red tunnel azaleas

I’ve been meaning to post on the beautiful fresh leaves – here is Acer negundo ‘Kelly’s Gold’

Acer negundo 'Kelly's Gold'

So let me end with two pictures from yesterday morning – of Abigail guarding her property from dangers real and imagined.

Abigail is on duty

abigail panorama 


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