I have not posted for almost three weeks, and the pictures are piling up – flower portraits, garden rooms, snapshots… How to order them into a narrative? Let’s see:

Mountain weather

I will start at the end. This morning we woke to mountain weather. Cool, misty, lazy frog-sounds droning away endlessly. Love it! The whole week promises to be like this, so I am pleased yesterday ended with an extensive walk and photo-shoot, and then some sunset snapshots. (See how our valley has greened up since last I posted; spring to me is more beautiful after mid-October.)

2 Angels' Rods

More green, and more flowers; more noticeable because I’ve been away from Sequoia for ten days in two sessions during this time. The Dierama (Hairbells, Wandflowers or Angels’ Rods), are in full flower. Many years ago I was given a beautiful and very unusual pure white form by a friend. Several years later we harvested seed from a mixed planting, including the more common lilacy pink one – all I believe forms of Dierama medium, although the more I study Hilliard & Burtt’s monograph on the Diarama, the more confused I become, and the less certain they seem. Also the pure white flowers indicate that it might be D. pulcherrimum, one of the few species with a white form recorded. I find little information on interbreeding, and I’m not certain how endemic my stock in fact is to our area, which complicates matters further. Be it as it may, my resultant seedlings vary from pure white through the softest of pinks to strong pinks and lilacs.

3 Dierama 4 Dierama 5 Dierama 6 Dierama

7 dierama

Coreopsis and ox-eye daisies form the matrix of a profusion of flowers. And even the lawn is now green.


8 across the lawn

9 Ox-eyes and coreopsis

The scent of nicotiana fills the air, especially at dusk.

9 Nicotiana

10 sunset scents

The late azaleas are in full flower now – some can be seen in the background of the above photos, and the deciduous azaleas in the wilder parts of the garden are as beautifully scented as any nicotiana.

11 deciduous azalea 2 12 Deciduous azalea 4 13 Deciduous azalea 14 yellow azalea in the woodland 15 yellow azalea 16 pale yellow azalea

Flowers everywhere… but more later.



  1. I always find it difficult to go away from the garden for even a few days during the bounteous summer season. I feel as though I will miss so much, and when I come back, I mourn each deadhead as a missed bloom.

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