Blossoms, fresh green leaves and … winter neutrals: welcome again to Sequoia in spring! 😉

Panorama looking towards carpetgarden

THtJB panorama

The white across the dam is a dogwood – Cornus florida – and one of my pride possessions. When this picture is viewed full size, you can, with a bit of imagination, see the pink flowers of the much shyer – and much smaller, though they were planted together – pink Cornus florida. Now THAT plant makes the white one pale (no pun etc.) in my affection. Here are some close-ups of the flowers. The white dogwood shares the first shots.

Pink dogwood

Pink dogwood 2

4 Pink dogwood

Thirty years ago we had the most beautiful flag irises in Grahamstown. We brought them with us back to Johannesburg, where a few years later people would stop and gawk at their magnificence. I brought them to Sequoia – and all but lost them. They have never been happy here, and only white, pale blue and pale yellow survive, a shadow of their former selves. And so it is with some sadness I share this beaute…

white flag iris

Azaleas will be featuring more in the coming days – we had a welcome few millimetres of rain over the weekend. Although it barely managed to wash the dust off the trees at the road, the garden soared. It could not have come at a better time for the plants.

pink azalea

Our Scilla natelensis were all grown from mother-plants off the farm. They shoot up in a very short time; it is 5 weeks since the first photo was taken, and now you see them in full bloom with white azaleas and a crab-apple in the distance.

Sprouting.jpg    7 Scilla natalensis and crabapple

Now I want to share again my jewel colours – chaenomeles and wisteria growing together in the Anniversary Garden. I love what these plants chose to do together!

wisteria and chaenomeles on south side

Wisteria and chaenomeles on opposite side

mauve and red

Wisteria close up


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