sparaxis 2

More than a month earlier than I expected, the first Sparaxis at the front door opened on 5 August. For the first time they had not been lifted but overplanted, and when the young leaves started to push through in early winter, we cleared out other planting. No food, no nothing. This is what I call economical gardening with bulbs! (CLICK ON THE TITLE OF THE POST TO SEE IN A LARGER FORMAT)

sparaxis 1

Since then I’ve enjoyed welcoming new flowers in new colours on an almost daily basis. They are not known as “Harlequin Flower” for nothing!

c Sparaxis brick red

d Sparaxis coming along nicely

d Sparaxis coming to prime

e reddest sparaxis

f Sequoia window and sparaxis

g sparaxis with bee

h Pale red-brown sparaxis

i Sparaxis is not called Harlequin Flower for nothing

j Monty and sparaxis

k pikotee sparaxis

l colour-tipped sparaxis

m massed and backlit

n white and yellow sparaxis

o bud and flower sparaxis

p Massed sparaxis

q pots of sparaxis

r perfect sparaxis

s prototype sparaxis



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