The bleakness of the season (remember it is the end of winter here) but more so: the wonderful black and white photography of my friend Laura at eljaygee (just another fauxtography blog) has inspired me to experiment with draining the last vestiges of colour from my shots. I’m afraid these are just snapshots from an afternoon stroll, but they have excited me.


Some photos look more drained in colour than in black and white…

                   The bench under the beech - Beech Borders  bEECH bORDERS BENCH

But I cannot get away from colour, no matter how slight…

First crabapple blossoms

These are the first tentative crab-apple blossoms, testing the air to see if it is time yet to all frolic forth.

First crabapple blossoms 2

And these are the first sparaxis blooms, the flowers I associate so strongly with my mother’s last spring five years ago, when I first planted them. These, overwintered (or rather – oversummered) in their pots, are in bloom a full month earlier than in previous years.

First sparaxis

And so another spring starts, things start to perk up in the garden, and as Sequoia grows ever brighter and more colourful, I still don’t know when I will shut the hall door with its flanking panels of stained glass depicting Sequoia trees for the last time behind me.

Front door



  1. Hi Jack, waiting for spring creates such a feeling of anticipation and excitement. No matter where we live in the world, the first flowers of spring are always a cause to celebrate. I enjoyed your notes on black and white photography too and think I might have a go at taking some black and white shots in the winter here at Sissinghurst. It will be fun to experiment. Helen

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