The axis and the big lawn

An accidental press of a button – and I accepted a new theme instead of returning to my original. And my original is discontinued, so I could not return there. So here I am: willy-nilly, I’ve had a make-over!

 Autumn rose foliage

I have enlarged the photos in my previous post to fit better – over time I will backtrack and change more older posts. For now I’m seeing what on earth the effect is, using the photos I had not used for my previous post. The first, taken from the steps at the top of the axis, takes in Alfred’s arches and the water spout as well as the view across the big lawn; the next is a detail of autumn rose foliage. After the extremely cold night two weeks back ‘Isfahan’ has turned beautifully; below is a wintery view towards the visitors’ parking and entry. On the left beyond the trees the visitors’ information board can be seen. Lastly, a shot towards the water across the Upper Rosemary Border.

Visitors' Entrance

Looking across the Rosemary Borders


10 thoughts on “HAVE I GROWN?

    • I got quite a fright, Laura, and it cost me a few hours to fine tune, but on the whole it is all for the better. Yes, Sequoia Gardens is for sale and I believe the next owner might live much closer to you than to me… My farm with its varied and extensive gardens is on the market for less than the average price London homes are going for – according to stats I heard on the news some days back. For someone wanting to do serious gardening – and the bones are good but there is much room for development and refinement – that might just make the travelling worthwhile. As I’ve said before: for most South Africans 6ha of garden is a liability, not an asset.

      • yes its about right for an average home here but your garden has such a wonderful and interesting history, not reflected in the price. Hope the buyer lives there full time and sees it in all its seasonal glory and wants to flesh out the bones some more.

    • Do you find the download time frustrating Diana? (I’m not certain how fast your internet is, and that seems to me the greatest weakness of the large format. I’m aware that both on my phone and laptop I’m watching the photos ‘scroll in’ which did not happen before, but it takes seconds only.)

      • I hadn’t noticed any scrolling. You can always try with Pingdom to test if there are slow loading problems.
        We also hope for someone who will make our house their home, not just passing thru at the weekend. A lush garden that doesn’t get constant small attentions, becomes a monster for the garden service to sadly sort.

  1. Jack, I like your larger photos! The same thing almost happened to me once; I just caught myself before i made the fatal error. In your case, not so fatal. I love the beautiful images!

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