According to Wikipedia, exactly 31 hours from now, at 10h51 GMT on 21 June 2014,  the earth will wiggle a little (I imagine) as it starts to swing back on its axis. The solstice will have come and gone. But the seasons are slow learners. I have never understood why those in the North claim that spring is over and summer has arrived on this day. But I do know that (comparatively) short as our winter might be, it is not yet the middle of winter. In fact, one might say that it is the beginning of winter, and that all we’ve had to date is a warning or two… From now through to early August frost will be the rule, not the exception, at Sequoia Gardens.

Looking upstream from the Makou Dam

Click on this photo to see it full size. Frustrated by the small photos on my blog, I recently played with other themes. But two things held me back: I use a discontinued theme, which means I can’t go back to this one if I chose one that messes up past posts. And I frankly don’t have the time to prioritise fine-tuning the change. Oh, there’s a third: in the coming months I will be writing the final chapters in this blog. Will I be blogging once I’ve left Sequoia? I don’t know. Perhaps I will. I certainly find it very satisfying.

Maidenhair Fern below Makou Dam

Yesterday, after taking the above panorama, we turned down along the overflow from the Makou Dam, where the boys, I kid you not, took off their shoes and played in the icy water and I took this shot of a maidenhair fern. It is the one part of the garden where it is damp and dark enough for them to seed themselves.

a motorbike

a chainsaw

a horse

Then we climbed up towards the fire break were the boys found yet another toy to add to their imaginative collection: a motorbike. Below that, from earlier walks this week – a chainsaw and a horse! And then we made our way back over Freddie’s Dam, where once again the wind and the sun made for sparkling water.

From Freddie's Dam


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