Quick turners

I mentioned in my previous post that most of my photography these days is views from the veranda of the big house, where I’ve lived for 3 years. These photos are proof. Yesterday I suddenly noticed that Alfred’s Arches, the arched walkway of Pusy Willow (Salix caprea) to the right of the big lawn, was donning its brief display of yellow, and below it the Crepe Myrtle or Pride of India (and right now the scientific name escapes me) is putting on a spectacular show. In addition the thicket of the species rose Rosa rugosa is also turning a rich yellow.

Morning mist and the big gum

This morning was the first really wintery morning, although still we have not had frost, and a mist was drawn off the cold earth by the warming sun. Result: spectacular light on the big bluegum – and in fact the whole of the valley. Fetch camera, snap, and return to my work.


Morning mist


One thought on “SEEN IN PASSING

  1. oh … waiting … have you had any viewings, any nibbles?

    SUCH beautiful light in our gardens this autumn!

    thanks for the encouragement. I am teasing apart travel posts from Addo and Kgaligadi to move across to the new False Bay blog. Editing and republishing on EE those that belong near Porterville. You’ve also prompted me to revise my labels – my Lambert’s Bay post needs to be ‘Western Cape’, NOT Porterville.

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