The house that Jack built

Thank you, Tracy ( for the very pleasant surprise of finding this post when I went to check up on who my new follower was!


IMG_0871 The house that Jack built is one of the cottages at Sequoia Gardens , situated just outside Haenertsburg .

The cottage is well equipped and comfortable and the grounds are exquisite, I could have spent the entire weekend just gazing out the window in the lounge at the dam in front of the cottage or going for walks around the property.

View from the lounge View from the lounge

Hydrangeas in a glade Hydrangeas in a glade

Indigenous to the area St Josephs lilies grow wild and tall, this one towered over me on one of my walks.


A bubbling brook leads from the dam in front of the cottage, to the dam in front of the main house.


Birdbath Reflections of the day

Ornate wind chimes Ornate wind chimes

The perfect hide away for a weekend and if you were fortunate enough to be able to spend a week here I am convinced you would return a changed person.

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6 thoughts on “The house that Jack built

  1. It is always such a pleasure to see your photos and read your commentary. I agree with the visitor’s comments about what a pleasant place to visit.

    • Thank you, Nell Jean! How nice to hear from you again – as I said to Diane in the comment above yours: I’m just not getting to visit blogs as I used to… But I shall pop around 🙂

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