Summer sunset

Misty rain

Much of my enjoyment of the garden has of late been ‘in passing’, but that has made it no less intense. It is looking magnificent, and we have had beautiful weather, the air clear so that the mountains are etched by day and the stars spangled by night. Though sunny it has not been too warm and the wind chimes, which have beautifully true notes, have constantly and gently tinkled. In high summer the sun sets down the valley rather than across it, and watching the side-lighting over drinks is always a joy. But since last night it has rained, and we are promised several wet days. I was out in the garden yesterday as the sun set and the clouds rolled in from the east. It made for stunning light…

Approaching storm

Rosemary Terrace - approaching storma

I also recently discovered the camera on my phone can be voice operated, which means no clumsy finding of the shutter with the camera held above your head to get the best composition. Result: some new and interesting angles along the Rosemary Terrace and across the Mothers’ Garden.

Across Mothers' Garden

Deloitte and Touche, the rose I chose for the Mothers’ Garden, is perfectly matched by the canna I was given by cousin Audrey growing in the New Old rose Garden across the hedge. In fact it is due to be planted in the Mothers’ Garden as well now – even if I might never see the result…

Deloitte and Touche Audrey's canna

I’ve just been out into a misty dusk to try to get detailed pics; far from perfect, but they tell the tale.

Along the Upper Rosemary Border

Back to yesterday’s pics. Rudbeckias are becoming ubiquitous self-sowers. I need to remove several from among the Deloitte and Touche, but on the whole I love the smiling in-your-face cheerfulness with which they deploy around the garden.

Sunset light behind house

I’m finding the gardens around the big lawn, with their various differing structures squaring it off, more and more satisfying. The tweaking of these spaces has been the major garden achievement of the last few years.

Big House across lawn

And so, with a look at last night’s storm racing towards the sun, I sign off on this Sunday evening.

The storm races in


4 thoughts on “A CONSTANT JOY

  1. Beautiful photos, Jack, especially the skyscapes. My father used to call that color of sky “sky blue-pink.” Thanks for sharing your joy in your summer garden.

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