During the hail storm

It is ironic; for days I have been focusing on the roses when out on a walk. On Friday I decided: never, except at the height of a good autumn, have my gardens been as beautiful. On Saturday late afternoon walking across to sundowners with my cousins staying in The Plett next to the big house, I paused to admire five perfect blooms of the huge electric pink rose Garden Queen – known rather more descriptively in the UK as Buxom Beauty. Here she is:

Garden Queen or Buxom Beauty

Looking rather dishevelled. You see, having looked at the five, I looked up at the approaching storm and thought rather idly: that’s quite a storm. I hope it doesn’t bring hail. But it did.

After the storm

Once, back in 1980, I experienced a more destructive hail storm with huge jagged stones. I have never seen as much hail as this. There was at least 35mm (1.5 inches) of hail covering the ground. Some stones were 20mm across. I doubt if the storm lasted more than 5 minutes.

Sunday morning after the storm

This was the sight that greeted us this morning. Plenty of excellent mulch to collect and distribute; and luckily I bought three new rakes two weeks ago…

Ice on the morn

This ice I photographed this morning – and by late this afternoon, 24 hours after the storm, it had still not all melted – yet last night was surprisingly warm and I spent today in shorts and sandals!

The rose photos will have to wait for another post. But here is a before and after shot of the rose garden outside The Plett.

Trudie's Garden after the hail

Trudie's garden before the storm



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