Hundreds of spring photos await processing, but time she are few. So please accept a broad theme with minimal comment or construct.

Appleblossom azalea

Our mountain in spring is all about azaleas and a little about cherry blossoms. Although I try to avoid the clichés, we do azaleas and blossoms just like everyone else. So here they are…

Bottom of the avenue azaleas 

I remember being overwhelmed 30 years ago in a neighbour’s garden by a tunnel through azaleas. We now have several. Enjoying them is enhanced by the excitement of children and dogs.

Azalea tunnel

azaleas, moss and Abigail

azaleas, dogs, children

Azalea red

Colourful azaleas

But the azaleas have not been the only colour – here are a few more flowers:

Siberian Isrises

Siberian Irises by the water, and the great joy of this last season, a first for me: Iceland poppies (Papaver nudicaule)

White poppies

I’ll start with the white, but it is the shades of yellow and orange and yellowish reds that are typical.

Iceland Poppies

More Iceland poppies

Hot colours

Yellow poppy

They have combined magnificently with two other, and rather diverse flowers: Namaqualand Daisies, a short-lived annual from our famous Namaqualand area, where thousands of hectares are covered in colour for a few short weeks (they form the background to the second poppy photo and feature in this shot off the net, from cederberg-travel.com. Do yourself a favour and google image ‘Namaqualand’)

cederberg wild flowers

The second is a  bulb, ranunculus, with which they combine seamlessly in the next photo.

Poppies and renuculas

It is the black heart, rather than golden, and the more double structure that indicates the ranunculi – the colours and even the textures are very close.

Orange renunculus

What is more this bed, traditionally the home of self-sown annuals, is making the transition into summer most beautifully. The first corn cockle has opened, and there are nemesia and several other flowers already in bloom, including the wonderful scented old-fashioned tobacco flowers Nicotiana alata, grown from seed that has been in ’the family’ for over 50 years

Poppies and nicotianas

I am watching this bed closely, for I’d want to duplicate its effects in my ‘next life’.

cherry at jetty

i mentioned cherries in the beginning, so let us end with them tonight. Still to come deciduous azaleas in shades of yellow and pink, and the first roses of the season!


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