Gearing up for Spring

Winter cleanup

Winter is a time to clear away the debris of the summer’s growth. The surrounds of the Makou Dam have been strimmed, and soon the blue Iris Sibirica on the banks will start pushing green growth along the edge.

Malus floribunda crabapple

Malus floribunda, the Crabapple, thrusts forth  a few shivering miserable blossoms from June, as though testing the air. But we’ve had some lovely warm days (this morning I turned to switch off the bathroom heater and realised I had never switched it on!) and this afternoon I looked across to the arboretum and realised there was significant blossom colour up there already. So that is where we walked to.

Prunus blireana

Prunus x blireana is another early bloomer, and I discovered our still small tree smothered in blossoms.

Flowering pear

A larger flowering pear (I think Pyrus calleryana – we grew it from seed harvested from the neighbours at Cheerio Gardens) also seems to have burst into full bloom overnight. I love the way the delicate blooms are grouped.

almost white camellia

Not to be outdone, the camellias I reported on last are getting better and better – this almost white one with flecks of pink on a palest pink base compliments the blossoms best.

Entrance to Rosemary Terrace

Right. Back to business. This is where guests visiting the gardens will be arriving in just over a month when the Spring Fair starts. It is NOT a spring garden… But we have planted some annuals – primroses and stocks – and I am pleased to report that numerous white pansies from last year’s planting are coming up and many are already in flower. And then we have pots and pots of plants waiting to be put out when the time comes. May this Spring be a good one!


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