Life seems drab. But scratch a little, look a little more carefully, and the little things will tell you: there are things happening, and change is upon us…

Winter at Freddie's Dam

Freddie’s Dam, with The House that Jack Built – THtJB – just over to the right. All these pics were taken with my new phone: a Samsung S4 with a camera whose specs make my Canon SLR look like something from the ark.

Everlastings seem quite bright against the colours of winter

Considering that I’m still getting to know the instrument and its camera,  I’m pretty happy. (Actually ‘device’ seems to be the fashionable word for an object that does many divergent things, including making phone calls.)

Oak avenue

Happy, that is, with the pics but also with how instinctive its use is. I think it is the first time in over 10 years that I’ve liked a new phone from the day I got it. And as for my last phone, the not yet late but unlamented bbb (bloody blackberry) – I never took to it!

Alfred's Arches, the Japanese Walk, the entrance to the Anniversary Garden and the Ellensgate Garden in winter

I’m particularly enjoying the camera’s wider format (and lens), best illustrated with this shot, a composition I’ve walked past a million times and never noticed, and looking great in the low afternoon light. To the right the Abelia ‘Francis Mason’ hedge in front of the Ellensgate Garden, to the left Alfred’s Arches add a new dimension to the concept ‘shabby-chic’ and  beyond them lies the Anniversary Garden with its wisteria pergola and reed fence reached along the Japanese Walk.

Primulas in pot

Finally, lets play out on the vibrant winter colour from the primulas outside the front door – a huge success, I think!


One thought on “I FEEL LIKE WINTER

  1. So glad you are documenting the many areas of your garden before you move. A real treat to see and I love that photo of the Chaenomeles and Wisteria blooms together.

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