Spotted canna

In my previous post I promised some more summery pics to show that autumn was not all… Now as I read about England caught in yet more snow, I think it is time for a colour injection. These photos were taken on last weekend’s walk, and summer heat is still with us although some early mornings have called for a sleeve.

yellow and red cannas

These cannas grow below the old barn – the red is a species (or near species I grew from seed collected some 25 years ago and the yellow is a later acquisition. The spotted canna was only planted this summer, given to me by my father from a single plant he planted a few years back in Johannesburg, and which was recently divided and moved.

Cannas and patient dogs

The above photo from 5 years back when my lovely Border Collie was still with us shows this area as a whole – and here you will find a post from 3 years back on a canna garden I wish to revisit!

Local kniphofia

This Red Hot Poker grew wild on the farm and we moved into the Cottage Garden some years ago. Its season is short but dramatic.

Fallen cosmos

One last pic for now (most other flowers are white and can wait); this is a dark cosmos, blown over and seen against the weathered brick of the wall below it  – rather a nice way of seeing these dramatically simple daisies I think!



    • Although they are known to grow wild here, Debs, I can still vividly remember first finding it – and later not leaving it to blush unseen… It is still the only wild one I’ve found on Sequoia Gardens

  1. Thank you for sharing these, Jack. It is still winter in Manitoba, with wind chill factor bringing temps down to minus 30 C!!! Yes, I know…. the mind just boggles. Snow everywhere but today is warmer (only minus 5) and snowmelt everywhere. Your gorgeous photos remind me so poignantly of my Dad’s garden in Johannesburg. He planted orange cannas outside the wall at the front of the house and he had red hot pokers at the back. 🙂 It was a beautiful garden. I so enjoy reading about yours.

  2. Wonderful pics, as usual! Did you hear about the 3 Canadian trains (one with over 100 passengers aboard) that were snowed in on the main line through Western Canada for over 28 hours the other day? Just like old times – one was completely covered by blowing snow! Flowers are just a dream for the folks living in that part of the country although here on the west coast spring is well underway!

    • The red one is not invasive, at least not in our climate, although the similar orange and yellow one is a real pest. I watched it very carefully for a few years before using it more freely.

  3. It’s been unseasonably cold in southern Pennsylvania this year, and this morning it snowed. I am growing very impatient for spring to arrive. Your beautiful summery blooms will help with the wait. Thanks.

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