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For the longest time ever I have not posted to my blog. Three attempts from my unbeloved blackberry since I left for the Cape on business have (not surprisingly) failed. So tomorrow at a wi-fi hotspot I will backtrack to those lost posts and add this one, written from my friends’ beautiful pad in Tamboerskloof on Friday evening. And by the end of the week I will be back on Sequoia after a long month away…

HJ & C_355

I want to tell you a story of a wedding on Sequoia. A very personal story and a very romantic wedding. You can see the bride and groom in the top photo in The House that Jack Built – and the wedding party, appearing rather relieved that the knot has been tied, on the photo above. It was taken on the dam wall at Cheerio Gardens, 500m higher up on the same stream as my dams, where the wedding and main reception were held in October 2012, on a date carefully chosen after consultation with Yours Truly…

HJ & C_456

But I run ahead of myself. My story starts with an earnest blond boy who came strolling along the road below THtJB with his fishing rod over his shoulder one fine morning  in 1989 whilst I was building the cottage. We had a long conversation, amongst other things about Ninja Turtles where he touched on materialism and peer pressure, but eventually he admitted which of the Ninja Turtles he coveted. Michelangelo, I believe it was.

HJ & C_457

He was visiting his grandparents, my uncle and aunt, on the portion of the farm across the road. Later he returned on a visit and brought along his best friend, a smaller boy, quick and sharp with clear black eyes and eyebrows and a passion for photography. His name was Eugene van der Merwe – and he became the professional photographer who took  these glorious pictures; he is currently between websites, but you can read more about his work in this lovely article with pictures by him, from the fairest Cape from  where I write this –

HJ & C_458

We jump to early 2012. The future bridegroom comes to see me. He is planning to propose to the lovely blond girl whom I have now met on several occasions – usually when they come mountain biking with a group in the area. But first he needs to know which exact weekend he must tell her they are to get married, for everything must be perfect, the right azaleas blooming, and the right cherry trees in blossom. And his friend Eugene will be capturing the event on camera…

HJ & C_365

What is more, he is already hatching a cunning plan. Besides all the photos on the day, he and his bride will get back into their wedding clothes after spending their wedding night in The House that Jack Built, and in the Golden Light of early morning, and before joining the guests for a final breakfast at his father’s house, Eugene will take a further set of pictures – with the sartorial addition of gumboots, which, as you will see, was a very practical consideration… Above they again arrive for their wedding reception; this time sans guests.

HJ & C_475 HJ & C_474

But before they set off, a classic moment is captured, complete with Clematis montana (just to keep you gardeners alert!)

HJ & C_460

Then they sit down on the damp grass to plan their next steps.

HJ & C_476

Obviously the bridge across from THtJB must feature – as it has in every bride’s portfolio who has ever been photographed here…

HJ & C_477

HJ & C_478

HJ & C_479

But I had heard this fun-loving couple had something else in mind. Something which is going to require you to scroll down quite quickly, for I don’t have the time and facilities to animate it for you…

Here goes…

HJ & C_481

HJ & C_482

HJ & C_483

HJ & C_484

HJ & C_485

HJ & C_486

HJ & C_487

HJ & C_488

HJ & C_489

HJ & C_490

HJ & C_491


HJ & C_493

HJ & C_494

One more picture, not planned perhaps for the portfolio, but one of my favourites from the huge number of lovely photos taken over the weekend…

HJ & C_495

And to end – a snapshot (this time at the reception) of the couple whose wedding was one of the greatest celebrations of love and of life I have ever known!



4 thoughts on “ALL ACCORDING TO PLAN

  1. So glad I did not miss this post! What a wonderful wedding portfolio! Sequoia Gardens is made for romance and weddings. I love the photo of the wedding party jumping for joy.

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