After the rain

Two weeks after the Big Rains ended, it is still squelchy on the bottom road next to the dam; this pic, taken after a  few days of sun, shows why. After really heavy rains there are little fountains which surface near the bottom of the valley and run down the road to join the emergency overflow of the Makou Dam. What you see in the road ruts is RUNNING water!

Our gunnera - G perpensa

We too have our indigenous gunnera, although not nearly as impressive as some of  its cousins. Gunnera perpensa is commonly known as the river pumpkin, a very apt name!

Rampant vine

The gunneras I photographed are in the low ground near a streamlet, where Taubie stands in the far distance. In the foreground we have a classic garden situation: the perfection that precedes chaos. It is a question of time now before the Vitis vinifera  – Autumn Vine – growing into an old tree stump and indigenous Blinkblaar pulls the whole lot crashing down. I do so hope we will still get to see this sight come autumn!

Francois' pots at entrance Francois' pot at entrance

Lastly a view of the pots at the front door, catching the light just right as we returned from a recent walk. I have a stack of pics to write about when I find the time; my cousin’s wedding here in October (lovely shots from a creative pro photographer!) and my weekend-past photography course at Kurisa Moya, the magnificent Nature Lodge belonging to friends in the next valley. Here meanwhile is a teaser – a photostitch of their entrance overlooking the rugged and much drier Kudu Kloof – click to enlarge it!

Panorama from Kurisa Moya Gate s


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