308mm and still raining. That is over a foot fallen since Sunday evening, 6 days ago. 154mm of that within 24 hours. The really scary thing is that, starting this afternoon and going through to midday on Monday, the forecast indicated about 50% more rain than for the past week. That means potentially over 300mm again. But very little fell today and I see tomorrow is downgraded. Good. We’ve had enough.

Moss and stone

The result is MOSS. On today’s walk, brollie in hand, everything was green and mossy. I left the good camera behind for fear of being caught in a downpour, so these were snapped with my phone – and in poor light in the late afternoon.

Tulip Tree in the green

This was the moment that started it all: filtered afternoon light through a tulip tree. And then of course once the first photo is taken, the phone remains in photo mode…

Moss and dogs

The dogs loved the walk – in fact, insisted on it. and I love a walk in the wet, so the wellies went on, and off we set.

Blue hydrangea

The dark blue hydrangeas are slow this year. The cold got to them, and they definitely took more of a battering than the paler colours. On many hydrangeas the first flowers are only appearing now.

Entrance fountain

Even the paved cross at the entrance fountain pot has a green sheen. Now we hope the heavy rain stays away. Besides anything else the two bridges on the main road are being rebuilt as part of the upgrade of our local arterial. It is a serious feat of engineering and management rebuilding a busy mountain road on itself, and we have a stop/go system. Luckily on both bridges the first half of the new bridge was commissioned before Christmas, and the second half has not yet been started. The floodwaters were awesome, and a lot of damage might have been done to fledgling construction!

PS: As I post this it is 8:30pm and the rain is increasing steadily…

PPS: Sunday morning. We measured 101mm overnight.

PPPS: Monday morning. A further 66mm measured this morning. Over a week and a few hours 475mm  (19 inches) fell. Luckily the big rain is now over; enough is enough!

In 2000  a record summer ended with a tropical cyclone which deposited 625mm in 36 hours on our valley – for the first three months of 2000 we AVERAGED 21.8mm per DAY. That’s almost an inch of rain per day for 3 months; a record we will hopefully never come near equalling again!


2 thoughts on “308 NOT OUT

  1. Wow! That’s a lot of rain! We consider it a big deal if we get 3 inches here — and 7 or 8 inches over a couple of days is a major weather event. I hope you get some dry and sunshine soon.

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