butterflies after dark 1

Mid-summer is when the butterfly migration takes place. I posted on it some years back over here. When I went looking for my Monty dog one recent evening, I photographed them all asleep in the grasses, where they looked like flowers. (Monty not only visits anyone who is a guest in the valley, especially if there are children present – he also all but disappears for days at a time when the neighbours’ cross-German Shepherds are on heat… as they were again of late.)

Stacked beds

The snapshot taken with my phone which I showed in the previous post really got me obsessed about the view back across the garden, with its layers of stacked planting, and I took several more photos with my DSLR. That in turn has got me thinking about upgrading my blog theme to show bigger photographs. But as my current theme is discontinued, I dare not do anything in haste, as I won’t be able to return to the current format. So watch this space… perhaps come Feb there will be a change…

Stacked beds detail

Here meanwhile are a few details. Clicking on the pics of course shows them full size, or you could increase your screen view to around 125% so that the blog fills the full screen width.

Stacked beds reflected

Lastly I want to share a home-grown rose which has featured before, and impressed me. Now it has wowed me. A fresh shoot, grown since it was planted out last summer, has flowered, and the way in which the flowers on it are carried is most unusual. I  might just have a second worthwhile rose of my own breeding here! (‘Cascade’ being the first; you can read more about it in these posts.)

Guest room rose

The flowers are quite large, semi-double, frilly, lightly scented, and of a very pleasing pink with a touch of salmon, and lighter towards the centre.

Guest room rose detail

The last shot shows them with the Watsonias in the adjacent bed beneath the guest room window; I have always thought of them as being salmon-coloured, rather than pink…

Guest room rose with watsonias




  1. Congratulations on your new rose! (the blog before yours, had a lot of large pictures and a lot of small text, CTRL +, CTRL -, irritating to read) Happy to read yours as it is, but that’s just MHO.

  2. I love your new rose! Your layered plantings are spectacular and remind me somewhat of Monet. Thanks so much for the beautiful views; they are a bright spot in my endlessly dreary winter day. As it is still raining, I am cooped up inside with my garden magazines, catalogues, books, and blogs, dreaming of spring.

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  4. gorgeously deep and textured borders looking even tangier with the reflection. The rose is especially lovely because it retains so much of its wild origins in the petal shapes – a bit like Monty by the sound of it. No wonder the butterflies stop over at Sequoia gardens

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