Back steps with potplants

I am in Johannesburg, helping to nurse my father and proving the maxim that in the modern world your office is where your computer is. After many views from the stoep of late – see the last pic of the previous post – and many pics of the view side of the garden, I thought it was time to share the view out the back french windows of the lounge, looking up the slope. Especially as we recently neatened it up a little.

Back steps

Clay pots alternate with blue glaze pots in a near symmetrical arrangement, with blue salvia and heliotrope in the front blue pots followed by two pots with miniature pineapple lilies, gifts from a neighbour. The red flowers belong to Nieu Guinee Impatiens. At the foot of the steps grow two of my favourite plants. They are also  in pots so that they can be moved to the greenhouse during the winter as they do not survive our cold. On the left is a blue potato flower and on the right a yesterday-today-and-tomorrow. There are also pots with struggling maples and blue hydrangeas here.

Greenhouse and steps

Talking of the greenhouse, here it is again one year on – it has proved its worth over and again, both for propagating purposes and for overwintering. Lastly I must brag about the bonsai. Dug up by my dad from our firebreak where over years this poor chinese elm was chopped to the ground each autumn, he gave it to a dear friend and neighbour who is a great bonsai grower. She trained and nurtured it over several years and when they moved to a smaller home, my dad bought it from her. Now, as he too scales down his life, he has given it to me to take back to Sequoia…

Bonsai Chinese Elm


2 thoughts on “LOOKING BACK

  1. Very nice combination of blue with terracotta both in plants and pots – had to google your faves to get an idea of what they look like. Especially admire the way the greenhouse blends with its surrounds instead of standing out as a separate building. As with the bonsai that old saying comes to mind as you care for your father ‘ what goes around, comes around’. Hope you and he can enjoy these times together

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