No – nothing to do with sustainability here. I came back from Johannesburg to realise that spring was passing into summer; green was becoming the dominant impression and azaleas were fading as roses started to bloom. My fears of a dry summer have so far proved quite unfounded, and the misty light this morning makes the greens all the more delicious.

View from front door

How I wish my blog’s photos were larger. But clicking on them will open them full size.

View from stoep

Looking towards Mothers' Garden from stoep

Pinoaks and other greens


5 thoughts on “GOING GREEN

  1. Hi, Jack – Say, have you considered putting a “Pinit” icon onto your “Share this” section? It would make it much easier for readers to pass those wonderful pics along (and maybe give you some publicity in the process)! Check out Mooseys Country Garden. They just added one.

  2. Hi Jack – just stopping by from London to inahle some of this uber green, rural freshness. Am sure the last time I looked, the pinoak vegetatation was in full Autumn glory (where did winter go? oh yes it’s on its way!!)
    p.s. beware of pinners – the links can get lost with repinning and all you get is a burst balloon, especially without a watermark
    thanks for everything

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