View from terrace at THtJB

A week has passed since I walked down to The House that Jack Built to make certain that all was ready for the arrival of the bride and her groom, my cousin’s son, the next day. What I saw took even my breath away, despite 11 years of calling this spot ‘home’. It has never been more beautiful.

Freddie's Dam for the Bridal couple

Even before he proposed he asked me what the most beautiful time was on the mountain in spring. I said mid-October. When he proposed he had his plans laid out, the venue booked…

THtJB with Clematis

This is where they came after the wedding and reception at the neighbouring Cheerio Gardens to spend their wedding night. As a little boy he had seen me build this house, and this was where he wished to bring his bride…

THtJB bridal cottage

I took these photos either the day before or the day after the wedding. I remember the earnest little boy, fishing rod in hand, talking to me as I worked on the space where the curved wooden window now stands. With him then was his best friend, the photographer at the wedding, who took a set of photographs here more unique, from what I’ve heard, than you will ever find. I hope to share a few in due course…

View across Freddie's Dam from under the oak

Across the dam the yellow azaleas under the purple  Japanese maple were more splendid than ever.

THtJB bridal cottage 2

So I wondered in to photograph them, and got caught up in the beauty of the Japanese maples as well.

Carpetgarden from below

Growing in the shade below the wall of the Carpetgarden, almost completely hidden these days by the purple maple and a dogwood, are two dissected Japanese maples, one green, one purple – or wine red, which better describes their leaves.

Acer palmatum dissectum detail

Here you can see what the leaves look like on this exquisite low-growing tree, and below the soft mound it forms. Beyond is the purple form.

Japanese maples at Carpetgarden

The yellow azaleas also demanded more attention.

Yellow azalea at Carpetgarden

Yellow azalea at Carpetgarden 2

But these yellows, as you could see in my previous posts, do not alone represent the deciduous azaleas – here are a few more photographed in recent days.

Pale deciduous azalea 2

Orange deciduous azaleas 2

Pale deciduous azalea 3

Pink deciduous azalea detail

This last one is growing right outside the glass doors outside the living room of the big house. Here it is again:

Pink deciduous azalea at house

There are more, and when I return from Johannesburg where I am spending time with my father, I will hopefully get to photograph them too…

Japanese Cherry

It is also the season of the Japanese flowering cherries, and I have not photographed them sufficiently.

Japanese Cherry detail


Kanzan detail

There is more, azaleas and other Japanese maples, not to mention the first irises and roses… They will have to wait for a further post. My time is limited, and it is time now for bed…


8 thoughts on “FIT FOR A BRIDE!

  1. Will have to plan a trip to tzaneen this time next year so I can see your garden in person. It really is incredible Jack! Thank you for so eloquently sharing it, both with words and photographs, will us city living folk.

    • Hi Barry! Just spent several days with my dad; at this stage he is still in a very good space. We had a wonderful family gathering with him on Sunday, over 50 people present including my sister on a visit from Namibia. And another, previously scheduled, this coming Sunday.

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