10 October traditionally marks the start of the rainy season. Anything before that is both a bonus and a bad omen. Joining as it did other bad omens, I had mixed feelings about the wonderful early September rain…

Aristea in the rain

But this past week has grown progressively wetter, mist turning to rain and quite decent rain forecast for today to follow on the 10mm we measured over the last three days. Only one problem: tomorrow my cousin gets married and photos are scheduled in the garden… But there is a chance of some sunshine at appropriate times tomorrow.

wet view from the guest room

The sharp-eyed will notice both the trailer and the bakkie (ute, truck) parked on the lower road. We had carted compost from the plantations, a wonderful source of good free nourishment for the newly developed straight edge to the top bed after 25 years under lawn. Most of the new area has been seeded with ‘easy flowers’ – although some packs passed there sell-by date in 2005 *blush* so we shall see what’s forthcoming… Be it as it may: the weather is ideal!

Reshaping the upper edge of the big lawn

Here are some rather careless wet-lens snapshots of recent developments, with resultant flare. Under the Japanese Maple – rounded and GREEN and lovely in the rain, growing as you look at it – we have planted a hedge of Abelia ‘Francis Mason’ to match the one visible across the lawn at the Ellensgate Garden. The blue flower in the top pic, by the way, is our local Aristea, a wonderful little bulb which has ‘flowering days’ and ‘non-flowering days’. It always reminds me of stories I’ve heard over the years from my lady colleagues about life in the girls’ boarding house at school…

Across Mothers' Garden

Here you can see the Mothers’ Garden all hedged and ready for the roses which will be planted here; another area which will respond thankfully to the rain!

Water spout

By special request from my friend Diana of Elephant’s Eye here is a progress report (imperfect) on The Garden Celebrating an Imperfect Universe; first a view across the water spout incorrectly aligning the axis with the view through to the other side. This was one of the many imperfections I had to consider here, and the eventual decision was to plug this (totally accidental) extension of the axis 5 degrees off centre with a shrub or two on the far end. It is yet to happen. Beyond the spout and at a lower level you can see, if you know what to look for, the logs that form the spiral in this garden. Below you CAN see them. As well as the softening that has happened from the rather casual introduction of some flowers here. The big project is the construction of the water spiral, fed by the overflow from the house-water fountain, which will come up through a central ‘celestial trumpet’ before flowing down a homemade spiral shute , around and out from the stepping logs. But in the imperfect world we celebrate in this garden, none of that has been constructed although most material is on site, and we are 18 months from conception. Bit of an elephant, although hopefully neither pink nor white.

The Garden Celebrating an Imperfect Universe spiral


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