After 3 days of misty rain totalling 10mm it rained well all night and we measured 69mm this morning. (25mm = 1 inch) And it has continued to pour down! Here is a pic from this morning… Can you see that it is spring?! 🙂

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7 thoughts on “RAIN!

  1. Yes I can but I also see the ground has been pretty parched. That is typical for where I live in California but I think of you as getting rain a little more regularly. Are you suffering unusual amounts of drought?

    • What you see Mark is the effect of our sub-zero winter nights and dry weather. Winter is our dry season, but 2012 has to date been the driest ever in terms of number of rain days. However two days of way over 100mm in Jan and Feb pushed the total up to near average. 4 months without ANY rain from mid-april to mid-august is unheard of as well. On the other hand after my 5pm reading I can announce a total of exactly 100mm of never-too-heavy rain from Monday to Friday this week, with a few more after 5pm… also unheard of for September; our rainy season starts mid Oct. You can guess how jubilant we are tonight (even if we have just recovered from a 24hr power-failure!) 😉

  2. Ja dis is wonderlik wat reen doen!!!! Als kry nuwe lewe,mens kan nat lei soveel jy kan ,maar reen bly wonderwater.Die berg in Heanertsburg wat af gebrand het het al `n groen skynsel !!!!!

    • Hannelie ek jubel behoorlik oor die reen! Al het ek vandag die gebrek aan krag, internet en selfoon vervloek, want ek is soooo besig en wou soveel vandag doen. Sal maar moet wag tot Saterdag…

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