MountainGetaways spring cover

On Monday we collect the next edition of MountainGetaways from the printers, in good time for the Spring Festival. Louis designed the front page with the spring theme taking up the whole of the upper half of the cover, instead of just the masthead. As I sit here in short sleeves, spring is suddenly alarmingly close, even though everything is still quite grey’nbeige and I thought it time to wet your appetite – and that of the growing number of potential visitors to Sequoia Gardens who visit my blog – with a few spring pictures from the past. All of them were taken at Sequoia Gardens…

Arboritum & its creator

Here my father poses proudly in the arboretum (‘collection of trees’) which was his great project through the 90s and which is now looking very impressive.

The Avenue

Marching up between two rows of widely spaced Tulip Trees is an avenue of azaleas. Later in the year the dense canopy of large leaves shield blue and white hydrangeas; still later the autumn leaves are a bright and cheerful yellow.

azaleas in arboretum

Another part of the arboretum; evergreens and deciduous trees of all kinds abound.

Arboritum 3

The deciduous azaleas, usually in shades of yellow and flame, are often beautifully scented as well.

Crabapples and azaleas and more and more green

Blossoms, azaleas, and the freshness of the first greens – these are what spring is about on the mountain.

Wisteria & Iris

However Sequoia Gardens offers much else besides… here we have Wisteria and Bearded Iris…

wisteria and japonica 2

…and Wisteria and Japonica.


In fact Wisteria features all over Sequoia Gardens, sometimes in formal settings, sometimes scrambling through trees, or even self-supported.

Pond and wisteria

First roses in the Anniversary Garden 2

Wisteria with long racemes

Here are a few more photos, taken during late September and early October at Sequoia Gardens.

Japanese maples- young leaves

The delicacy of the early leaves of some Japanese maples have to be seen to be believed!

Purple Japanese maple coming into leaf

To begin with there is very little green, but gradually the leaves on the trees change the whole density of the views, and in a gentle year the soft greens of the young growth are one of the overriding impressions of spring.

early spring

05Oct8 spring from big house


Spring splendour

I do think I prefer the delicate signs of spring to the in-your-face brightness of massed azaleas…

Spring Bride

…but that doesn’t stop me from getting as carried away as everyone else when I have a camera in hand! Winking smile

azalea colour

colour 15

colour 6

Why don’t you pay us a visit and come see for yourself?!



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