Reflection only across white rose 2

As part of my marketing of Sequoia Gardens I have taken the plunge and started a facebook page. Well, I could write a lot, still must… but obviously getting photos up was more fun and more effective. In fact at my best (that I saw) I was 13% viral… whatever that might mean!

View from the window autumn

I have been trawling through my photographs of the last seven years using key words on a Windows search. And I must admit that even I was flabbergasted at the beauty I came up with when I started posting them all together in facebook albums…

Rosemary Borders in 2006

And to quote a song from my youth… We’ve only just begun! Please visit my Sequoia Gardens facebook page and ‘like’ or even better ‘share’ what you find there! Thanks! Jack



  1. Jack, I’m still resisting the charms (??) of Facebook, so I’m afraid I can’t help. I guess in the social media world, being viral is a good thing (rather than something requiring quarantine.) Good luck with the Facebook marketing.

    • Jean, I’m finding the sociological effects of social media fascinating, besides learning to use them as a business tool. Young people seem to have no concept of privacy as we cherish it, and there is a whining need-of-attention about the way they update status regularly…

  2. Social Media is the way to go… so many users and such an easy sharing platform. Waytogo, Jack. 🙂
    p.s. I have a photo of a shrub I want to identify… my cousin in Plettenberg Bay asked me if I knew what it is and I don’t. Where is the best place to share the pics with you?

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