After a rather dull festive season, the New Year dawned bright and  I gathered a few photographs in case it all clouded over again. However, today – the day many people return home to start the new year – is again perfect. There are many grumpy people on the road, I guess!

Big lawn in sun

Summer is going fortissimo, with the rudbeckias and local agapanthus (A. inapertus) beginning to bloom along Alfred’s Arches and the red pineapple lilies expanding in the Upper Rosemary Border.

Upper Rosemary Terrace with long lens

In the good light I even decided to haul out my disappointing long lens to try a detail-from-a-distance shot of the Upper Rosemary Border, but the pineapple lilies I chose were shot through the foliage of Alfred’s Arches with the standard lens.

Upper Rosemary terrace from Alfred's Arches

The two hydrangeas (H. ‘Blue Wave’ and H. quercifolia) that grow beneath the Golden Rain tree (Koelreuteria paniculata) – which is also in flower – are looking lovely.

Hydrangeas on lower drive

Here they are again, with a detail of ‘Blue Wave’:

Hydrangeas on lower drive close-up

Hydrangeas on lower drive detail

As they day warmed up yesterday and we sat with friends on the stoep, the migrating butterflies became more and more active, until it was as though we had  snow gently falling across the landscape as the myriads of fluttering butterflies made their way across from left to right.

Butterfly on zinnia

These butterflies were the subject of a biggish post in November last year 2010 which you can see here. And so our version of snow brings my festive season to a close. Have a great year!




    • Hello, Helen! Because of my quite acidic soil blue hydrangeas do particularly well here. But the pinks have to live in pots!

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