Mrs Oakley Fisher

I walked into the office an hour late this morning. I decided that tidying-up would be a priority – but only after I had posted to my blog. I fired up my computer and the internet instantly came alive. Life is good.

You see – on Monday, at some expense to install it, we went onto wireless broadbandish internet, which we need to run the business. And yesterday we signed off the first edition of the magazine, which is looking good. And of course it is already a week since my teaching career was over.

But the joy to share on my blog this morning was the realisation during the week that one of the sturdy roses that survived transplanting was my beloved Mrs Oakley Fisher. And I took this picture on Wednesday to share with you.



  1. She is a favorite of mine too. So much going on with you, Jack. How am I going to get my hands on this new magazine?

  2. What a lovely color Mrs. Oakley Fisher is. It’s nice to hear that life is looking good as you embark on this exciting new venture. Happy holidays and all the best for 2012!

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