Bewitched in the Ellensgate Garden S

This ought to be a photo essay, or better still a detailed post telling all about the unusual and often historic roses in my gardens beginning to bloom with all their might now, but there simply is no time. So all I will do is tease you with this shot, which would have been the first in the post: The Hybrid Tea  rose ‘Bewitched’ in the Ellensgate Garden. Soon (hopefully) the rest will follow… Winking smile



  1. Wow! I think this is The word that comes to my mind first when I see your pictures, Jack! What a great setting! Stone, brick, roses -what not to love here? Gorgeous!
    Thank you for your comment on my Book Review post. There are three African sites featured in that book: The Atlas Mountains, Morocco, The highlands of Ephiopia and The Drakensberg Mountains, S. Africa

  2. This alone is enchanting. Invitation to sit. Could do one a day rose post instead of altogether though seems like things are too busy even for that. Lots of changes going on at Sequoia. All will be revealed…

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