End of the weekly pic after two years of blogging

Without my really thinking about it, my previous post was the first of the Third Year Of My Blogging. Quite co-incidentally I am also at a turning point as a blogger. All of which has made me stop – no, let’s just make that pause – for thought. Decision: the weekly pic has served its purpose, it has run its course.

Broederstroom 1
The Broederstroom, as it flows through my cousin’s farm next door to mine.

For, you see, he said rather lamely: a river runs through it…

When I started my blog two years ago, it was with a certain aim in mind. After four or so years of happy garden sharing in the forums of Mooseyscountrygarden (still the cosiest gardening space on the internet I know of), it was time to start my own blog for very specific purposes. I had left teaching to design gardens, and I was developing Sequoia Gardens as a holiday destination and open garden. I needed a space where I could more obviously display what was on offer. And the original idea behind the weekly pic was for those wishing to visit Sequoia at a certain time of year to find an answer to the question ‘What will it look like then?’ In the beginning I was putting together a catalogue; more and more it has become a diary. Throughout the main point of it all was marketing. The sharing with other garden bloggers was a pleasant spin-off. However the return to full-time teaching has limited my blogging time, and I need to rationalise.

Broederstroom 3

Looking downstream from almost the same point.

Besides – I  have the basic tool now; now I need to refine it. Someone who has never seen my blog before needs to be able to find relevant information more easily. Much of the limited time I spend on my blog in the coming months will have to relate to that aim. There will still be new information, but I will concentrate on less regular and more substantial posts for the time being. But (publicity moment to fellow garden bloggers!): there are some very exciting developments I will post about in the near future, so don’t go away!!!

Broederstroom 4

These photos were taken this afternoon when I went down to collect building sand for one of the on-going cottage projects. The sand was conveniently washed up by the river during the great flood of 2000. My stream joins up with the river a few hundred meters after flowing into my cousin’s ground. My grandfather, a keen trout fisherman, bought the two Deeds of Sale in 1951 for the excellent trout fishing on the river. So you see: a river really does run through it.


13 thoughts on “End of the weekly pic after two years of blogging

  1. Jack, It was interesting to get the back story here of why you began the weekly pic, but my favorite posts on your blog have always been the ones about your vision for the garden and the work to turn that vision into reality. I am quite willing to see fewer posts and fewer photos to get more of a focus on these substantive reflections. Happy blogaversary! (I’m coming up right behind you. :-))

  2. Ahhha, and such a cool river it looks, too. Most especially, happy anniversary! Am most thankful it is a pause and not the end…. That would have been an “eish” moment. 😉

    Do you need an all around assistant? I garden, stain wood, paint – regular stuff, faux finishes and stenciling, am educable vs. trainable and an excellent grader (having had prior experience!)

    Which cottage are you working on now? How many are finished besides The House That Jack Built?

    • 🙂 Hi there Bonny! What excellent credentials… you don’t by any chance come with a sponsor who can provide the bucks for me to be able to afford you?? 😉 Aaaah, if only there was an endless river of money running through it too! We are extending the terrace at Croft Cottage so that one can sit out on a sunny summer’s day, when the shade flees around the side of the house. Next we start work on The Plett (aka Trailertrash Cottage) to give it a second roof (to protect the 30 year old original) and a pergola to sit out under. And ASAP I will write about the new Greenhouse, just completed!

  3. Happy Blogoversary, Jack. I understand the rationale behind it all now but must say I’ve enjoyed the weekly pics as a virtual tourist. Still there are the new gardens to follow in weekly/monthly progress reports so much to look forward to.
    p.s. what do you teach and to whom?

  4. Thanks for your encouraging words, Laura! I teach 9-12th graders English at a private school less than 10 minutes from Sequoia. In fact at times entire grades have walked over through fields and forests for a picnic.

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