It is school holiday, and so Lucas and Petunia’s sons – Phutania (8), right, and Zakia (5) – are back with us. I watched their reaction the day they arrived, as four dogs stormed out to greet them. Hardly a start. And this time Mateczka was part of their games and through the window a few days ago I saw Zakia plant a kiss on her nose. No more fear there! (Read more about the previous holiday here.)This morning, when it was still thoroughly cold out, I walked into the lounge to this picture. Monty would never be allowed on the furniture under normal circumstances…

With work on the rose gardens continuing – see the previous post – I decided we needed to get going on the fountain at the end of the axis and do some more work on The Garden Celebrating an Imperfect Universe,  about which you can read more here. In this photo to set the scene, the boys (and Monty) are studying a frog in the fountain basin whilst Phillip and Jimmy start on some ground work. The gap in the background is just too far off the axis to exploit as part of it, and today I finally decided to plant something solid on the far side of the gap to well and truly terminate the axis against the thicket.

Then, whilst I was cutting back some branches that hung over the stepping logs – you can see discarded branches in the background – I was aware of the boys doing exactly what I had pictured when I first conceived the garden… children hopping from log to log, lost in a game. But what I was not prepared for was Zakia’s next game, and I’d love to know what exactly was passing through his little head as he stacked out bits of crusty mud on a log and created his own imperfect (?) universe…




  1. From your first description of it, the Garden Celebrating an Imperfect Universe seemed to be about getting in touch with the inner child — and from Zakia’s reaction, it looks as though you’ve already succeeded! BTW, those look like two happy little boys and a dog who knows she’s getting away with something. 🙂

    • Jean, I can’t tell you what a joy these children’s voices are! And even old Taubie, not even in her youth one for children, wags her little stumpy tail in greeting when they arrive in the morning. They are lovely boys, and bright too. Zakia forming his own spiral is one of the most fascinating and charming observations of a child I’ve ever done!

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