Vinca major

Do periwinkles wink at you in winter too? I always forget to check: I’m certain they DO flower most of the year, but their bitty display and inherent bashfulness make one look right across them. And then suddenly, when all else is drab, they greet one shyly.

Vinca major3

Not for nought is one of the intensifiers for blue periwinkle blue! Somehow it is more a flower of spring than of any other season; and yet… that perfect pentagon in the centre speaks of hidden strengths. This is Vinca major; Vinca minor is just the same but smaller, and often an inkier blue. And this is Monty, posing among the periwinkles.

Monty posing among the periwinkles


3 thoughts on “WEEKLY PIC: JULY11 WEEK 1

  1. Jack, I’ve been contemplating the fact that blue flowers in my garden seem to be a much more intense blue on cool, crisp mornings. Is it possible that you notice your periwinkles more in winter because their color is more intense then?

    • That is half an answer… if roses can be more intense in colour in the cold, why not periwinkles??

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