Winter on the Makou dam

I know choosing lifeless cannas, straw-like lawns and endless grey twigs is bound to invoke a rather cheerless picture of winter, but I’m not there yet. That happens in early August; the way Northerners feel in Feb. At this stage I am still revelling in the water which seems so green now that it is so cold, the monotones and the shutdown that happens after heavy frosts. Perhaps the next photo, of Leonitus ocymifolia  gives a cheerier impression. This is a self-planted wilding, and its winter baubles give me more joy than its furry orange salvia-like flowers do, sticking out of the balls in fours and fives in summer. It is so wintery, and yet so graphic. Now all I need do is get there early in the morning and catch the baubles frosted in the first sunlight. Deal!

Wildedagga Leonitus ocymifolia

I watched for the otters, but the water was still. A Woolly-necked Stork flew over, but either we disturbed it or it was on its way to nest elsewhere anyway. I think they have found the bluegum rather chilly of late. Two Black Ducks flew over at low altitude, complaining, and moved on to Freddy’s Dam. The dogs ratted amongst the cannas, and Mateczka took herself on a mad run, slicing through the cannas at times for the tearing-silk noise it made. God was around also.


3 thoughts on “WEEKLY PIC: JUNE11 WEEK5

  1. I love that time of the year, too,Jjack! That Leonitis is wonderful, and the name sounds oddly familiar to me – could there be a relative that we grow here in Canada as an annual? Seems to me that I remember the name as belonging to a mildly narcotic plant – does it ring any bells for you?

    I wonder if seeds of your leonitis plants might grow here (if I could get some!!)? How tall does it get? It was hard to tell in the picture.


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