Liquidambar formosana in arboretum

The story of late autumn colour continues. Liquidambar formosana does not colour nearly as dramatically as the more common L. styraciflua. But it turns very late in the season, slowly and impressively, and suddenly this last week I’ve become aware of the trees planted along Park Lane in the arboretum and at the entrance to the farm, behind Croft Cottage. Coming to think of it – these ‘lesser’ trees have been given very important places, and they rise to the occasion more successfully with every passing year! So here they are; surrounded by wintery trees and even more wintery perennials, shining in the winter sunlight.

Croft Cottage against L formosanum


8 thoughts on “WEEKLY POST: JUNE11 WEEK3

    • As you know, Diana, I believe our greatest contribution to the area has been in autumn colours… And I love the dying strains through June and July after the drama is over!

    • Ah, the cult of the gardening celebrity…. We don’t have such things here, which is why I am not famous… (hehehe)

  1. It’s always so refreshing to stop by and see autumn’s richness as we hit the longest day of summer in Europe!
    Thanks for your interesting observation on my jardin du Carrousel post. For some reason, your blog name isn’t “clickable” whenever you comment on mine – not sure what’s going wrong, but it’s a shame that people can’t easily come over and read more of your stuff….

    • Welcome to Sequoia Gardens, Gary! (And hi to Boom from my pack of four!) You live in a beautiful part, so very different from ours, and your photographs make fascinating viewing.

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