Makou Dam panorama

We’re five days into the second week of June, and I only post now. I did not even realise I was running late; besides end-of-term, I have also been replacing my car and a lot of time and energy has gone into that! We’ve had REAL weather, and I’ve been able to prove a theory I’ve held for some time: when there is bad weather out there, ours gets better. My night-time temps went up dramatically. We are sheltered from the wind in our valley, so we don’t feel the wind chill factor  much. Instead the air turbulence prevents the coldest of the air from drifting down our valley, getting ever colder. And so, where others experienced colder weather, ours was warmer, around 5 degrees C. However June has been cold enough for everything to be decidedly wintery, the tree fern fronds brown and broken, the grasses bleached.

Swamp cypress twig 

Those trees that still have autumn colour are therefor precious – and of these the cinnamon swamp cypresses are currently the most precious! So here is my official pic-of-the-week – a twig of swamp cypress, Taxodium  distichum. Several of them feature around the Makou Dam, pictured above. To left and right there  are three in full glory, but further to the right,  on the very edge of the dam, is one that has lost its leaves completely. There are four in the centre, of which one still wears a hood of leaves; the others are bare. Curious.

Swamp cypress twig detail


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