First the frost came. Then the killing frost came. My guess – my min/max thermometer having been (I hope only) misplaced – is that on Thursday night temps dropped below -5° C ; when I returned from school on Friday afternoon the aloe buds had already collapsed.

When I leave for work between 7:30 and 8:00, the light is magnificent. So this morning –Saturday – I set up my camera in the guest bedroom and took the following series between 7:22 and 8:26. How I wish that the best view in the house was not from here – on the other hand, I don’t have guests that often. Perhaps I must get into the habit of having my morning coffee in this bay window, after years of having it in the blue bay at The House that Jack Built…

Winter sunrise from the guestroom

Well, that was a learning curve. But now me are part of You Tube too Winking smile


7 thoughts on “LET THERE BE FROST

    • Hallo, Tatyana, and welcome! Yesterday I moved a quick-warming quartz heater into the room and took some detail sunrise pics. Lovely! Today dawned frost-free.

  1. What a sight! Doesn’t take long for aloe blooms to droop. Ours wilted within an hour of dawn. Great learning curve!

    • Hallo, Sis! Can downward curves be great? 😉 Sorry to hear you’ve also had bad frost, especially as your aloes are so spectacular…

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