Sunset from stoep

“Been there, done that;” you might say, “third week in a row Sad smile


What you are not picking up is the gradual encroachment of winter, and of the winter solstice.  We left on our walk today at 5pm. The lower part of the valley was half-an-hour into sunset. The air was cold on our cheeks, even though, I hear, our first real cold is only expected on Thursday. Everywhere there were still autumn leaves, everywhere there was winter. Browning shades hanging in, greying shades scattered around. And then, as I walked into the house, this.

With the light in the sky obscured, the remaining colour and light across the valley shimmered. And once again I loved my new camera! Taken at 5.32, a full hour after the sun left the garden and about 20 minutes after the ‘official’ sunset time, this 15 second exposure – when seen in full size, so click on it – captures the magic of the moment. And so this is what I present to you: less than a month to the solstice (thank heavens), yet all pre-winter (thank heavens!), this is Sequoia Gardens during the fourth week of May!


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