Living room dawn detail

I shan’t apologise for photographing the same subject yet again. I spent years doing just that at the cottage, and now it is this view that defines my mornings. Photos are taken from the windows, in passing. There is no time for more than that most mornings. This is the view from the living room, looking across seeding zinnias and blue Browallia (read more about them here) into the Ellensgate Garden with the wisteria arbour of the Anniversary Garden beyond. Beyond that again, the Pride of Indias at The Garden Celebrating an Imperfect Universe, and the arboretum. A misty haze drifts off Freddy’s Dam, rising slowly, and often forms  a horizontal element in the composition. By the moment, sunlight drops into the valley…

What I really want to share with you though, is a dusk experience. The Woolly-Necked Storks are back often enough now that I can call them our resident storks. Most nights between sunset and darkness, five of them drop out of the sky, then circle gracefully, confirming their perch for the night in the tall gum tree before settling down. I’ve yet to see them leave, but many a morning as I arrive at school, about two km away as the stork flies, I see them pacing the dewy playing fields and taking the morning sun. I get great pleasure at the end of the day watching their arrival and knowing they too find this tree, pictured below, rather special.

Sunrise from the living room



  1. Now you’ve got me… surely zebra grass is the size of … zebra grass? or are we talking at cross purposes? 😉

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