Acer palmatum avenue 4

Acer palmatum avenue 2

Acer palmatum avenue 3

Acer palmatum avenue 1

The  avenue of seven Japanese maples (Acer palmatum) along the house-water stream in autumn is possibly the highlight of my  gardening year. In my previous post – April week 5 – you got to see the whole avenue. These photos were also taken yesterday, in less than ideal, breezy conditions. There is a chance that it will grow more  spectacular, but I was not going to risk waiting…,

Over the years I posted some rather impressive autumn shots at Mooseys, and as this is my second autumn on my own blog, you might even find a few here. But for those wishing to see my best, here are a few links to my postings at Mooseys:






8 thoughts on “WEEKLY PIC: MAY11 WEEK 1

    • lol Lynne! Let me have your dates and I’ll pencil you in right away! It will be lovely to welcome you to the mountain!

  1. Great pics as usual, Jack! I love Autumn, but it’s spring here and my garden is still a mess. Right now, though, I’m busy with the federal election. But it’ll be over tomorrow and I can get to the garden.

    I always love to see the beautiful pictures of your garden.

    • How nice to hear from you, Gordon! I had figured from facebook that you must be heavily involved in the elections. Hope you are thrilled by the results! Jack

    • Autumn is usually at its best mid April to mid May. The later colour tends to be brighter, but there are more bare trees around, so the most spectacular displays are usually the first week of May. Because of some heavy rain I’m worried about the show later this week, but hopefully the maples have not yet peaked, Lynne.

  2. cool… better pencil us in for the first week in May, 2012… I’ll let Greg know our holiday for next year is in the planning stages!
    thanks Jack

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