Beech Borders Panorama

I think of autumn as a bright time. Obviously the colours are bright, but more importantly the light is bright. In a good year my autumn shades are spectacular, for we have warm, sunny days and cold, clear nights – the perfect recipe for good autumn colour. April has been odd this year. Possibly we had even less sun than in the very wet January. That meant not only less heat during the day, but also less cold during the overcast nights. And less bright light in which to enjoy the colours. And so it was with great enthusiasm that the dogs and I set of on a lovely sunny Saturday  to record this less-than-best mid-autumn morn.

View across Freddy's Dam

Top: Looking down the Beech Borders with the most spectacular of our autumn displays, an avenue of Japanese Maples planted over thirty years ago along the house-water fountain’s stream. Nine years ago I planted an equivalent avenue to the left of this vista. They are starting to make an impression.

Bottom: Looking across Freddy’s Dam from under the Water Oak. The display is from Maples, Tupelos, Oaks, Flowering Cherries and Liquidambars. The House that Jack Built is just to the right of the frame.


2 thoughts on “WEEKLY PIC: APRIL11 WEEK5

  1. It may be less-than-best to you, but the clouds are amazing. Like Charlie Brown, I can see a map of um South America there?
    I remember your magnificent autumn display, from way back in Moosey’s Garden days ;~)

    • Yes, the clouds were quite surreal. When eventually the low cloud cleared we had amazing patterns of high altitude cloud.

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