Come to Sunny South Africa!


“Come to sunny South Africa” was an important slogan back in the 60s and 70s when South Africa was being marketed internationally as a holiday destination. Of late we have quoted it rather wryly. I have spent much of the last three weeks with one eye on the weather, hoping to get the perfect shot to enter into Gardening gone Wild’s April photo competition, where the theme this month is ‘Light’ No luck, no light. It has been drab, and our approach road is possibly in the worst condition it has been in in over 10 years because of the constant drizzle. When the light improved late this afternoon I set out, but not one sunny shot – by then the lower reaches of our valley where my garden is were shaded. However I will bravely enter the photo below – although the light is indirect, it is also backlit, as I was in the dark under the trees, seeing the light through the autumn leaves of Prunus subhirtella pendula and Acer palmatum atropurpureum.

Weeping Cherry and Japanese Maple over the stream


9 thoughts on “Come to Sunny South Africa!

  1. Here in Dublin, Ireland it’s terribly overcast with rain threatening. It’s very disheartening but as usual I’m loving your blog rain or not! keep up the good work. BTW are you on twitter or FB?

  2. Great shot, considering the circumstances. The sign of a true artist is one who creates an inspiration out of virtually nothing. You probably had to use a tripod just to keep the camera still from your shivering – you did not mention that our mountain has not only been wet but cold!

  3. Your weather sounds like just another day in Seattle! But what you’ve done with it, is quite magical in your photo. Really lovely. Good luck with the contest.

  4. Just had a look at the other entries. Jack, I would definitely say your photo is much, much, better than LOTS of the others!

  5. Beautiful! Natures colors and the stillness
    of the water are very peaceful and calming 🙂
    It could almost be a painting!

    • Thank you, Roberta and welcome to my blog! I will be pointing you towards more pics of the garden in autumn in the post I’ll be publishing later today!

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