APRIL11 WEEK 4: rain for Easter and a new long lens

Fuchsia in the rain

The prediction for Easter is that there will be half an hour sometime on Sunday morning when the sun might shine. For the rest it is rain rain rain – the slow, soft kind that turns our steep dirt  road to soap and makes a 4×4 a necessity; not ideal for visitors, unless cocooning is their idea of heaven; luckily,it seems, exactly what the couple staying in The House that Jack Built wished for…

First pics with new lens

Wednesday’s post brought my new (second hand) lens, bought on bidorbuy, a side-track when shopping for the bugle mentioned in my previous post. I had been thinking of getting a telephoto lens, and this lens sold on auction for little more than a third of the cost of a new one… and so far, so good! It is a 70-200 Canon lens, and the above photo I took from the veranda. Much to my dismay the Red Maple has lost its top leaves. I could not see this in the available light with the naked eye. The top photo was my first attempt at using it for macro photography. I was about 2.5m away from the fuchsia, safely inside the house.  Other than the fact that a tripod is a necessity, I rather like the potential in this new lens. In garden photography foreshortening is perhaps the greatest advantage of a telephoto lens – and below is my first attempt, again from the (dry) comfort of the veranda, of consciously using foreshortening. The witch-hazel on the lawn forms a middle ground to the autumn shades further away.  Considering these are all low-light photos taken in the rain, I’m happy…

Witch-hazel in the rain


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