Early autumn from the living room

The overwhelming impression at the moment is of autumn, warming up like an old Alfa, before roaring off impressively. (OK, if you don’t get that image, it’s rather boyish for a gardening blog…) This is the view from the living room window. In the foreground the Ellensgate Garden is aligned perfectly with the living room; beyond that the wisteria-covered pergola in the Anniversary Garden, to the left the junipers that flank the axis from the front door. The blue flowers that featured two weeks ago are in the foreground, and the orange crocosmia in the Ellensgate Garden immediately behind them. But to show you those two colours will mean blowing every other colour out of the water. Perhaps try enlarging the photo…


One thought on “WEEKLY PIC: APRIL2011 WEEK 2

  1. Your autumn warms as we hope for a cool spring before the sultriness of summer. I’ve begun to pull crocosmia as if it were a weed, must make it behave around weaker companions.

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