1 In the pine plantation

Hurry, this will be a quick walk, almost a jog. Little time. And no books on hand to confirm niceties of names. We went to check on the cutting that was happening.

2 Crocosmias in the forest

Crocosmias love the pines. So do the dogs.

3 plectranthus leaves

In late summer plectranthus with white or pale blue flowers grow in abundance in the shade. The most attractive have a blotch, caused by an air bubble under the outer ‘skin’

4 Plectranthus Flower detail

They are gently hairy and the tiny flowers in long spikes are worth a closer look.

5 Flowers of Plectranthus

Eve Palmer rather fancifully maintains that from the right angle the flowers look like little mice. (Note to self: A post on her book Under the Olive which I’ve just reread.)

6 Silver shade-loving helichryssum

Another note to self. Try propagating this silver-leaved helichrysum which unlike most grey leaved plants which are that colour to protect against heat, seem to be mirrored in order to catch as much light as possible in the shade which they love.

7 Forest hibiscus

We call it the forest hibiscus, a herby shrub with coin-sized flowers in late summer. Usually they are apple-blossom pink. This white one caught my eye. It too needs to be propagated!

8 Dogs love forest walks

On the home stretch. The dogs always love a walk in the pine forests.



  1. Beautiful flowers grow among the pines there. Plant plantations where you are mirror pine forests here.

    It is no time to be among the pines now because of rattlesnakes crawling no that the weather is warm.

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