Crocosmia aurea and Browallia americana

The orangeness of orange, and what to mix it with, became a topic over the weekend. Crocosmia aurea was the cause of the discussion. I looked around me for inspiration – and there it was: equally self-sown, equally striking, in flower at the same time and yet nowhere together… so I picked a few sprigs and put them in a vase. Crocosmia aurea and Browallia americana.

I find very little in my books about Browallia, and them mostly it is about B. speciosa, the Bush Violet, a perennial. This South American annual is rated Z9, which we of course are not. However the seed clearly survives our winters! It first came to us as an opportunistic seedling with another plant from our neighbour. She in turn got it from her late sister in Natal who, we assume, imported the seed. Where it is happy it self-seeds freely, preferring moist semi-shade and well cultivated ground, developing quickly in late summer. If too many germinate, they are easily thinned out.

Bruwallia, QEII and Jap Anemones - and a bit of editing

I have just had a lot of fun, first taking a series of pictures of Browallia, then editing them and finally ‘ posterizing’ the chosen version, which has added a bit of zing to the layered leaf-on-leaf texture. (Being on holiday has certain advantages.) Here they are with White Japanese anemones and a ‘Queen Elizabeth’ rose.


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