Autumn in the air

By the skin of my teeth I make it – March week 2, that is. I think I’ve only once or twice not posted for a whole week and missed out on my ‘this week in my garden’ pic. But here I am, and I’ve all but managed to miss two weeks in a row. Not that I’ve taken NO pics, or not thought of the post I’d do. It has been year-end on Sequoia, and marks are due this coming week at school… The theme has been clear all along: autumn is in the air. It creeps up suddenly in mid Feb most years, the first colour in the leaves. This year it started even earlier. We’ve had an odd year, one of the wettest Januaries on record, followed by the driest February by far – usually our wettest month – and March remaining sunny. Perhaps that has caused thoughts of a shut-down in the trees. Be it as it may, everywhere there are subtle shades of red and yellow infusing the greens of summer. Some trees are showing full colour in some leaves. Autumn will blaze from mid April to mid May. But the joys on either side of this are welcome, and precious. Oh – the crocosmias in the photo above I am saving for Wednesday’s Wild Flower post…

First colour on Acer saccharinum


6 thoughts on “BY THE SKIN OF MY TEETH…

  1. Hi Jack! Love the images with fire-orange crocosmia! I am very curious about your post devoted to this plant. I like how Crocosmia looks, but it got so invasive in my garden that I needed to dig it out. I moved it to containers, but still have some in the garden. Happy autumn to you!

    • Hello Tatyana.., apologies for taking 8 days to respond. I actually prepared my Wildflower Wednesday post, in which I respond to you, for last week – and then realised I was a week early! So hold out to this coming Wednesday for a response 🙂

  2. I was wondering what happened and I am glad you are back. It is funny to think of you looking at fall just as spring is starting in earnest here. We have had very uneven rainfall this year too – wet December, very dry January, and wet February…
    Your garden looks beautiful as always.

    • Thanks, Masha! I think the counter-seasonal nature of my garden is my biggest asset on the gardening internet!

  3. Hi Jack, The only time I’ve ever gone two weeks without posting was in December, when I was buried in end-of-term grading — so I sympathize. But what I love about the academic calendar is that delicious moment when the grades have been turned in and you can get back to all the things you’ve been putting off. I’m enjoying your fall colors as I await spring colors here.

  4. It has taken me nearly a week to respond, Jean – but guess what: that end of term moment has all but arrived!!!

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