OK, so I’m cheating. Truth is, if you page back through these weekly posts, I often do, one way or the other. This time the pic is 3 days early. But it was weekend, and I knew the week that lay ahead… Besides which, the zinnias and rudbeckias have been lovely for weeks and will be for weeks to come.

Zinnias and Rudbeckias glow in the evening light In fact a very similar composition featured 4 weeks ago (Jan week 4), an early shot with my new Canon 1000D SLR-D camera. I’ve done some playing, and some learning, since. This shot was taken with a tripod in glowing light ten minutes after sunset, the aperture set to F18 so that everything from the front-most zinnia to the furthest rudbeckia were in clear focus. That meant an exposure time of 2.5 sec. It is a huge improvement on the previous version – but even when you click on this photo, which I’ve posted at 1025 pixels wide, instead of my standard 614, you don’t see anything of the grandeur of the original when I view it on my large screen… It is a weakness in my blog format that really impressive pics are impossible. And I intend to take more that qualify in future as I get into SLR-D! I don’t know the answer. Perhaps a dedicated pics-only blog to which I cross-refer when needed. Or will technology – including rural South African internet speed – eventually catch up with us and we will one-day laugh at this one-step-up-from-the-Model-T-Ford (available only in B&W  ;)…) version of blogging? Perhaps what I ought to do to celebrate 20 000 views after 18 months of blogging – coming up this week – is to play around with alternative blog designs again. Perhaps I’ll find an improved format ready and waiting… But for that I’ll need more time to play…

PS: 9 Feb: autopost did not kick in yesterday…


3 thoughts on “THIS WEEK IN MY GARDEN: FEB 2011 WEEK 2

  1. Jack if you check your stats, my readers who are not on a laptop or desktop, are steadily creeping up. 7% last week. For anyone following you on their cell-phone the pictures need to be good enough, and quick to load. With a dedicated photo blog, for the dedicated photographers ;~)

  2. Oh, wow, Jack, I’m always trying to get more depth of field in shots like this. Very impressive!
    On the photo size problem, would it be possible to link photos on this blog to a separate site where you post them in a larger format? -Jean

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