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The 3rd evening of the month already, and still no post. But then, as I thought wryly last night as I arrived home after a 13 hour day away from home, I’ve not had too much time to think gardening of late, let alone do it… The afternoon of the 1st of Feb however provided a wonderful opportunity for a walk, the third sunny day in a row. I took many photos, but one grouping stood out as the unique event to record. Last year I moved my dramatically stripy cannas into the Lower Rosemary Border, and spread them wide so that they could multiply freely. I am treating it like a propagating bed. This summer an essentially weedy plant decided to move in with the cannas. It is of the lamiaceae or mint family, for sure, but which one none of my books could tell me. Perhaps it is exotic, a weed indeed, but I doubt it. Its flowers are a mere 6 or 8 mm across their widest parts, but delicately marked. It has filled the space between the cannas, and its airiness makes for an unusual contrast with the solidity of the cannas. They are backed by the rosemary hedge and the wall beyond the lawn supporting the Upper Rosemary Terrace, and joined by a few welcome rudbeckias. A charming and unplanned association.



5 thoughts on “THIS WEEK IN MY GARDEN: FEB 2011 WEEK 1

  1. Your mystery plant is Nemesia perhaps? Or, if definitely minty, then maybe Calamintha? Though the former is I think closer.

    I seem to recall a magnificent display of cannas as one of the first things I saw on your blog. Love the stripey one. How I wish they’d grow wild here.

  2. Now this, ladies, is to me the single most irritating comment a teacher/lecturer can make: “Just checking if you were paying attention!” Actually I am mighty pleased and flattered that I had three such quick and precise responses. Many thanks! The mistake I made was to say “Ah! 4-sided stem! Mint family!” I did find it odd that I was unsuccessful, because I was certain I had identified the plant before. I even knew which book. And sure enough, there it is in Anita Fabian and Gerrit Germishuizen’s “Wild Flowers of Northern South Africa” – Nemesia albiflora. Congratulations and thank you to our three winners!

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